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State Trustees Australia Foundation Grassroots Granting Program

August 04th, 2014

It is the aim of STAF to promote social participation and inclusion, and assistance to people who are marginalised through age, physical or intellectual disability or mental illness to participate fully in economic, social and family life.

State Trustees Australia Foundation (STAF) is a public charitable trust established in 1994 and is administered by State Trustees.

STAF’s Grassroots Grants Program aims to:

  • promote social inclusion;
  • provide support for individuals to live independently and build and maintain physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and resilience; and
  • reduce the incidence of adverse health issues that can limit individual’s ability to live well.

How much funding is available?
State Trustees Australia Foundation Grassroots Grants Program provides small grants of up to $10,000 annually. 

Who is eligible?
Charitable organisations endorsed by the ATO as item 1 Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and Tax Concession Charity (TCC).

What is the timeframe?
Applications for 2014 grants will open on 1 August 2014 and close on 31 August 2014. Successful recipients will be notified in December 2014.

Please visit this page to access our online application form available from 1 August 2014. For more information please click on the link - STAF Grassroots Grant Application.

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