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State Trustees CEO Craig Dent publishes his first book The Creation of Trust

October 16th, 2017

State Trustees Chief Executive Officer, Craig Dent has published his first book, The Creation of Trust.

The office of the Public Trustee has a long and curious past that stretches back to medieval times - the book tells the intriguing story of Public Trustees, revealing their rich heritage and casting a rarely-seen light on their often misunderstood purpose, services and contribution to society.

Following his appointment as Chief Executive Officer at State Trustees, Dent began researching State Trustees’ history to assist with informing a series of external presentations to third parties. Through his research, it became apparent that what was thought to be known about State Trustees’ history was inconsistent and there were a number of different versions that were in conflict with each other.

Despite the confronting language used and the need to be culturally sensitive, Dent has sought to create an important piece of literature that contributes to the broader knowledge of trustee services generally and highlight the story of Australia and New Zealand’s Public Trustees.

The book talks openly about the sector’s creation, its evolution, its challenges and the benefit that Public Trustees provide to the community.

The reach of the role of the Public Trustees has also crossed into circles of music and politics when Midnight Oil front man The Hon. Peter Garrett AM read the manuscript and wrote the foreword for the book. Peter’s great grandfather, test cricketer Thomas William Garrett, served as the first Public Trustee for the State of New South Wales and quickly became an influential thought leader in social policy development.

All profits from the sale of The Creation of Trust are being donated to the State Trustees Australia Foundation (STAF), which was established in 1994 as a public charitable trust administered by State Trustees.

Since 2013, the Foundation’s main discretionary funding helps those disadvantaged by ageing, disability and mental health. This is now done through the two main funding programs: Grassroots Grants and Strategic Grants. STAF has also prioritised funding for an elder abuse prevention and response grants program.

The Grassroots Grants program provides up to $10,000 grants to eligible charities for short projects. The program aims to promote social inclusion, and provide support for individuals to live independently and build and maintain physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and resilience, as well as reduce the incidence of adverse health issues that can limit their ability to live well.

Recently, the YMCA was granted $8,000 through the Grassroots Grant program to purchase a Sandcruiser beach wheelchair and a universal harness and frame for giant swing activities. The camp aims to build healthy, inclusive and well-connected communities and has over 500 visitors a year with a disability.

Additionally, STAF awarded Smiling Mind $53,600 this past year to develop a set of evidence based guidelines for teachers to incorporate mindfulness into the classroom. This will involve the different ways that mindfulness can be integrated into the learning environment, including targeted approaches to address specific issues.

The Strategic Grants is used mainly to support the work of the Ageing, Disability and Mental Health Collaborative Panel. The Panel builds the capacity of the ageing, disability and mental health sectors, particularly during the recent legislative reforms.

The Creation of Trust is available for purchase on the State Trustees website.

State Trustees is a state government owned company that plays an important role in building awareness and educating the community to protect the legacy and financial affairs of Victorians - we believe every Victorian deserves to live on, that’s why we exist.

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