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The power of giving and the impacts of philanthropy

November 17th, 2015

Philanthropy was once considered a noble endeavour for the rich. The social market has shifted; the new generation are expecting businesses and corporations to be socially responsible and engaged.

If you embrace the practical power of giving, the personal and corporate rewards will astound you. Here is why giving will take your company to another level:

  • Corporately unifies employees.
  • Creates a culture of collaboration amongst the staff.
  • Creates a corporate and individual purpose beyond themselves. 
  • Broadens people’s horizons and experiences creating personal growth.
  • Gives employees a conversation starter in varied social settings, increasing connection with people around them.
  • Exposure to the difficulties that developing countries face creates a sense of gratitude and realisation of the power they have to change the world. 
  • A business engaging with philanthropic activities will give it a leading edge to become an employer of choice. 

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