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The view from our next generation of advocates

March 12th, 2021

What do young advocates want from philanthropy? Where is philanthropy’s place in helping to prioritise the national needs? How can philanthropy be part of building a sustainable and inclusive future for Australia? In a two-part series, we publish a diverse range of views from young advocates addressing Philanthropy Australia’s conference theme – Future Needs Now?

Apryl Day, Founder of The Dhadjowa Foundation, shares her personal story 30 years after the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody and urges philanthropy to acknowledge what is happening around the globe to First Nations’ people and to fund Indigenous leadership to ensure justice and equity. Read here.

Nick Young, an Associate Director of Youthrive Victoria and a Rhodes Scholar-elect, outlines five vital ways philanthropists can help realise this broad post-pandemic mission and to redefine the scope of philanthropy itself. Read here.

Desiree Cai, Organising Lead at Tomorrow Movement, reflects on how young Australians are building grassroots movements to help drive big picture changes to secure a just and safe future. Read here.

Kate Maddern, research agronomist and Rhodes Scholar-elect, endorses the power of philanthropically-funded scholarships to help build opportunities for young Australians. Read here. 

Neha Madhok, National Co-Director of Democracy in Colour, urges the adoption of untied, multi-year core funding for racial justice organisations to help drive vital social change. Read here.

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