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Video library resource expands its content for charities and not-for-profits

July 26th, 2022

One hundred videos presented by 25 subject matter experts form the next instalment of a new resource library for smaller Australian charities and not-for profits. The Social Sector Video Library is an initiative of The X-Factor Collective Foundation and contains resource material ranging from fundraising to digital transformation, governance and workplace well-being.

This latest addition of materials brings the total amount of videos available in the Library to 220. The videos are short – ranging from three to 10 minutes – making them accessible and easily consumable.

The Library’s expansion is funded by the Social Sector Transformation Fund (SSTF), which is an initiative of the NSW Department of Communities and Justice. The Fund was established to help smaller charities to modernise and transform their operations, to ensure they survived and thrived.

The new Library content comes from partners in the collaboration, including The Centre for Volunteering, Fundraising Institute Australia, JusticeConnect and InfoExchange. Specialist consultants from Foundation’s sister-social enterprise, The Xfactor Collective, are also involved.

The Xfactor Collective founder and CEO Julia Keady described the video library as a part of a broader collective access strategy to leverage technology and collaboration to help break down inequities confronting small and medium-sized charities.

“Those running small-to-medium-sized charities are expected to know a great deal about many topics,” Julia said. “Their boards need them to be experts on governance; their funding partners need them to be experts on nurturing relationships; their auditor needs them to be an expert on financials; and, of course, they also need to be experts in the service and support they provide.

“When you think about it – we expect so much from small charities who really are the very backbone of an equitable and safe nation,” she said.

The library can be accessed through the Xfactor Collective Foundation’s website.

 (It is also available on YouTube.) The library also contains the videos from the RESET2020 live programs.

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