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  • The Support Report: The changing shape of giving and the significant implications for recipients by John McLeod, JBWere: An in-depth analysis of the changing face of giving in Australia. The report explores:
    • How philanthropy is quickly evolving in Australia;
    • The types of givers who support each cause area and those cause areas’ reliance on philanthropic income;
    • he dramatic difference in who, why, where and the way support is provided across donor segments; and
    • The need for rapid evolution amongst non-profits to continue to attract support, particularly in certain cause areas. 
  • ​The New Zealand Cause Report: Shape of the Charity Sector by John McLeod, JBWere: This report is presented in two sections. The first part deals with the bigger picture of what the sector is, where it is in a New Zealand and global context, and more significantly, the changes seen over the last decade and the implications of this into the future. It also examines the relativities between each of the not-for-profit sectors. The second part provides a close look at the individual charity subsectors, made possible by the data collected and published by Charities Services from annual returns from the charities themselves. 
  • Top 10 Mistakes of the Australian Non-profit Investor and how to avoid them by David Knowles, Koda Capital. This paper is intended to help people who have taken up the challenge and responsibility of investing money for the benefit of others. 
  • Australian Charities Report 2016: This report is the most comprehensive record to date of Australia’s charity sector. It profiles over 51,000 individual charities registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. It explores various dimensions including geography, sector & activity, finances, sustainability, change, people, age and entity type.
  • Giving Australia: The research provides comprehensive and up-to-date information about giving and volunteering behaviours, attitudes and trends in Australia. It establishes benchmark data to measure changes in the giving of money and time, providing a strong evidence base to assist future policy decisions to grow giving and volunteering in Australia.
  • Benchmaking Impact - Australian Impact Investment Activity and Performance Report: A significant step forward in developing the robust data about the field needed to amplify the experience and achievements of pioneers and encourage those who remain on the side lines to enter. It is the first set of aggregated, market-based data on the performance of Australian impact investment products. It reveals past activity, and provides real insights about the choices, frameworks and practice being applied and to what efect. This will accelerate the way forward and provide keys to unlock scale and innovation to achieve both financial performance and impact.
  • What skills do nonprofit managers need?
  • 10 Innovations in Philanthropy by New Philanthropy Capital: This report examines top philanthropic trends from across the world, and highlights new ideas and initiatives from across Europe, Australasia and the Americas. Each is recommended for adoption or expansion in the UK, to help philanthropists and foundations keep pace with demand for their funds.
  • The Inventive Foundation by Diana Leat: Starting a new organisation presents a number of risks for foundations. For example, they may fear taking responsibility for failure (as compared with conventional grant-making where ‘failure’ tends to rest with the applicant organisation/grantee rather than with the foundation). However, that does not mean it is a tactic that should be avoided but, rather, one to be adopted intelligently and with eyes wide open. Not least because foundations, as Diana indicates, are oft en well-equipped ‘to act as institutional entrepreneurs’, because of their ‘prior knowledge of a fi eld, creativity, optimism and developed social networks’, because they ‘may have the perception and incentive to create and champion new practices’ and because they ‘have the resources to, at least, instigate change.
  • Non-profit leadership: Emerging Themes Impact and Measurement: In this paper JBWere explores the importance of measurement for non-profit organisations, and the current state of measurement in the sector. In addition, some insight will be provided regarding how you, as leaders, should be thinking about measurement in your own organisations.
  • NAB Charitable Giving Index: Indepth report – 12 months to February 2016: The report shows overall giving to charity grew by 6.5% over the year to February 2016, up from just 2.4% a year earlier. The average donation size across all charities actually grew by $12 to $348 per donor, with average annual donation size increasing in all states except Western Australia and all age groups except 15-24 year olds.
  • The Cause Report - 20 years of (r)evolution in the not-for-profit sector: Based on many months of research and analysis, JBWere's latest release explores the scale, scope and significance of the charitable and not-for-profit sector
  • Preparing for the Future - Do or die for non-profit boards: This paper draws on Koda’s work with non-profit boards and committees. It also includes broader observations based on our day-to-day work with governments, philanthropists, impact investors and social entrepreneurs.

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