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Financial advisers, lawyers and accountants play a key role in growing philanthropy in Australia. The most effective way to encourage giving is by proactively talking with your clients about how philanthropy works. These conversations aren't as complex as you might think.

There are many benefits from engaging with your clients about philanthropy. These include building trust and rapport, sustaining long term relationships and retaining clients across generations. 

To kick start your conversations, Philanthropy Australia has compiled a range of resources to help you talk confidently to your clients about giving/

Professional Adviser Guide to Giving

This Guide provides a useful starting point and reference for advisers who are integrating giving into their practice. It will also help those advisers who wish to have some understanding of the key elements of giving structures before referring their clients to a specialist.

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Philanthropy Australia Online Tool

Philanthropy Australia’s Online Tool assists individuals seeking guidance with their giving as well as professional advisers supporting clients with their giving. Based on your answers the tool provides you with some next steps on what philanthropic structure may be suitable when considering a giving strategy. 

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Philanthropy Australia’s Professional Adviser Members and Services

You can download a list of our members who offer professional advice around philanthropy.

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The Better Giving Hub

The home for our Members. Improve. Innovate. Inspire.

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Philanthropy and COVID-19

Philanthropy and COVID-19

The latest information and resources on COVID-19

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