Child Abuse & Neglect in the spotlight - ABC TV Thur 9 Sept, 9.30pm

The increasing incidence of child abuse and neglect in Australia will take centre stage on 9 September at 9.30 pm with the tv premiere of an intense short film, Polly and Me, on ABC 1 during National Child Protection Week. The broadcast will be followed by a live audience discussion looking at solutions hosted by Geraldine Doogue.

Polly and Me is the story of a mother and child isolated from any support systems of community and family. The film is made by filmmaker and Philanthropy Australia member Ian Darling from The Caledonia Foundation, who previously created national attention with The Oasis – a feature documentary about a group of homeless youth on the streets of Sydney. The 25-minute film is part of a larger campaign to put the urgent need for prevention and early intervention on the national agenda.

Polly and Me is endorsed by leading family and child abuse prevention organisations including: Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY), Benevolent Society, CREATE Foundation, Good Beginnings, Families Australia, Lighthouse Foundation, Lou’s Place, Mirabel Foundation, National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN), The Salvation Army and The Smith Family.

The producers and participants of Polly and Me are calling for every Australian to make child abuse and prevention their business. They want urgent effort and funding for prevention policies and programs, with a nationally-coordinated prevention and early intervention plan.

We encourage our readers to watch the documentary and join in the discussion.

Sep. 06, 2010

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