Senior Policy Adviser (Early Childhood Development)

The Centre for Policy Development is looking to hire a proactive and passionate Senior Policy Adviser in the Early Childhood Development Initiative. 

In this role you will be working on policy analysis and system reform in the ECD policy space, so that Australia can become the best place to be and raise a child. You will be involved with policy work focused on improving paid parental leave, maternal and child health, early childhood education and care, transitions to school, wraparound and integrated services, and related policy areas that support families and young children from birth to 8 years old. This is an exciting opportunity to work on one of the most important issues for our society and economy and society in Australia. Our team enjoys frequent interaction with policymakers in government, media, and the wider policy world. You’ll be joining a close-knit team that delivers real impact at senior levels of policymaking. 

This is a senior position, for someone looking to hone their policy development skills and make a difference in a key area of social policy.  You will be the right person for the job if:

  • You have at least 6 years of experience in early childhood development policy or related social policy areas from government institutes, research institutes, policy institutes, peak bodies or non-government organisations. 
  • You have experience in fostering stakeholder relationships, with an interest in convening and connecting stakeholders as a critical part of policy development
  • You are motivated by long-term, big-picture systems reform, and want to meaningfully impact current reforms/reform opportunities in early childhood development.
  • You are motivated by policy and practice, and keen to deliver on reform opportunities in the early childhood development space.
  • You like working in a collaborative, fast-paced environment. 

How to Apply

At CPD, we are committed to promoting equal employment opportunities and fostering a diverse and inclusive team. As part of our dedication to fairness, we will employ a de-identified selection process and we will ask applicants to answer focus questions as part of their application. 

We encourage talented individuals from all backgrounds to apply and be a part of our mission to make a positive impact on public policies. Your unique perspective and skills are valued here, and we look forward to reviewing your application.

To apply for this position, please send a copy of your CV, and answers to the following questions:

  1. Can you share an example where you had to develop a long-term strategy to address a significant policy challenge? What were the key elements of your strategy, and what was the outcome?
  2. Can you describe a situation where you had to communicate a policy recommendation to a diverse audience? How did you ensure your message was clear and well-received?

Please respond to these questions via this Google Form.  Please add your CV as an attachment to your application.   Applications close: 24 November 2023If you have any questions about this position, or about the application process, please contact Luana Viana at [email protected]