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News and stories

Investment Dialogue for Australia’s Children gets under way at Canberra roundtable

Fri, 8 Dec 2023

Philanthropy and government have come together in what could be the largest ever structured collaboration between the sectors in the country’s history. Formalised this week in Canberra, the Investment Dialogue’s collective aim is to improve the wellbeing of children, young people and their families by working with communities to reduce intergenerational disadvantage in Australia. The initiative is shaping up as an unprecedented, long-term, integrated and community-led approach to supporting children, families and communities to thrive.

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‘Sharing knowledge will create generational change’

Fri, 25 Aug 2023

Kayla Baker-Peris is a proud Yolngu, Yawurru and Kidja woman born and raised in Darwin. She is an alumnus of the Yalari Indigenous scholarship program, which supported her until graduating from Kambala Girls School in Rose Bay, Sydney, in 2018. Below, she shares her experiences of being one of the first Indigenous students at Kambala and how the scholarship changed her life.

News and stories

Schools Plus gets $3m boost from Google

Fri, 23 Jun 2023

Google’s philanthropic arm, has provided the funding to help children and young people from less advantaged backgrounds access the digital, AI and critical thinking skills they need to thrive in the future workplace.


How philanthropy is helping to tackle educational disadvantage

Philanthropy Australia Fri, 11 Nov 2022

11 years after the Gonski report was first published, one of its recommendations resonates more loudly than ever.

“How often can you get a half a billion dollar return on a $100,000 grant?”

Tue, 23 Mar 2021

Almost 12 months ago, the head of The Origin Foundation, Sean Barrett, had a telephone conversation with the then-CEO of The Grattan Institute, John Daley.