Reminder: Submissions to the Productivity Commission Inquiry on Philanthropy

Fri, 28 Apr 2023 Estimated reading times: minutes

A big shout out to the many PA members who attended recent sessions with Sam Rosevear on the double giving agenda – with PA Champions (27 March), the Corporate Funders Peer Network (4 April) and the PA membership as a whole (6 and 18 April).

It was tremendous to hear that a number of members are planning to make there own submissions to the Productivity Commission.  As we know, achieving lasting and substantial reform in any area requires sustained advocacy by many Australians.  Government may ignore a few isolated voices, but a genuine movement creates a momentum that, eventually, cannot be denied. PA member voices matter

If you are considering putting in a submission, you have until next Friday.  It is worth noting that the PC is happy to receive any input, from half a page on one single idea, to your view on a comprehensive agenda for a more generous and giving Australia. 

For some background, the PC Inquiry page is here and the PA draft work-in-progress submission is here.   

The latter contains a powerful agenda for change, including super bequests, a National Giving Campaign, DGR for all charities and governance arrangements ensure meaningful collaboration between government and philanthropy to create social impact.

If you are thinking about it, don’t miss the opportunity.