Policy & Advocacy

As the peak body for philanthropy we actively undertake policy advocacy to grow philanthropy in Australia and represent our members.

We regularly communicate with our Members through our Advocacy Updates and via our Philanthropy Weekly e-newsletter, on a range of issues including policy and regulatory news concerning the philanthropic sector, as well as asking Members for their input and feedback on draft submissions.

We closely engage with Federal and State Governments to develop their understanding of the philanthropic sector, and to promote the development of effective policy and collaboration frameworks which support and grow philanthropy

We also participate in forums where relevant public policy issues are discussed, and collaborate with stakeholders both within the not-for-profit sector and more broadly.

Philanthropy Australia's policy advocacy aims include:

  • Encouraging and promoting giving in Australia
  • Assisting and encouraging the community to develop its understanding of the impact and role of philanthropy in Australia
  • Assisting and encouraging all levels of Government to develop their understanding of philanthropy and its role in driving beneficial outcomes and change in our communities
  • Engaging closely with our members so they have opportunity to participate in the policy development process, and stay informed of regulatory and policy changes
  • Encouraging and promoting the development of optimal policy and regulatory settings to support and grow philanthropy
  • Seeking policy solutions which are evidence based and practical, future focused and sustainable, and provide certainty and clarity
  • Contributing to broader policy issues affecting giving and the not-for-profit sector where a philanthropic perspective will add value

When undertaking our policy advocacy activities, Philanthropy Australia adopts the following approach:

  • We are principled - the policy positions we adopt are linked to principles which reflect effective and practical policy outcomes
  • We are proactive - we actively engage in policy debates and seek to influence the policy agenda, with new and innovative policy solutions
  • We are responsive - to the needs and priorities of our members and also the broader policy environment, which includes being responsive to the needs and priorities of Government
  • We are collaborative - we seek to engage our members on policy issues, and work together with other stakeholders and Government in order to promote effective policy outcomes
  • We are constructive - we aim to present effective, practical, and well-articulated policy solutions which are supported by evidence

Contact details for Philanthropy Australia's Policy & Research Manager, Sarah Wickham, can viewed here.

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