As the peak body we serve a community of funders, social investors and social change agents working to achieve positive social, cultural, environmental and community change by leveraging their financial assets and influence.


Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit

11 & 12 September 2017 Canberra, ACT

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2017-2020 Strategic Plan

Our vision is for a more giving Australia. Watch the launch of our Strategic Plan >

The 2017 Australian Philanthropy Awards

Recognising and celebrating recent extraordinary achievements in Australian philanthropy.

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Aug. 15, 2017 Bill Gates makes largest donation since 2000 with $5.86 billion pledge

Bill Gates made his largest gift since the turn of the century, giving away Microsoft shares that accounted for 5 per cent of his fortune, the world's biggest. Read more…

Aug. 02, 2017 Collective giving groups attracting Australians to alternative fundraising

It's an ordinary Wednesday evening when 120 Sydneysiders decide to give away more than $40,000.Think of it as live crowd-funding meets Shark Tank meets MasterChef, replete with strict time slots, nervous contestants and a big reveal at the close. Read more…

Jul. 28, 2017 Jeff Bezos is now the world’s richest person—and he could redefine philanthropy

A surge in Amazon stock on the morning of July 27 has increased CEO Jeff Bezos’ net worth by $US1.1 billion, officially making him the world’s richest person. Read more…

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Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit

11 & 12 September 2017 

The Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit brings together Australian funders, political leaders, and policy makers to meet at the heart of Australia’s political system. 

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