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Australian Philanthropy Awards 2018 Recipients

Building Authentic Relationships with Liz Gillies

Join Menzies Foundation CEO Liz Gillies, and a panel of local Funders and For Purpose organisations to take a deep dive into the relationship between philanthropists and fund-seekers. More here>

2019 Philanthropic Learning Program

An extensive range of philanthropic learning programs to improve effectiveness and impact for funders, individual philanthropists and their families, fund seekers, NFP's and professional financial advisers. Find the full program here>.

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Feb. 20, 2019 The Liffman Provocations: Creative or cop-out?

In my last post, I explored - and acknowledged my own substantial agreement with - the case for effective altruism and suggested that it was not receiving the attention from the local philanthropic sector that it merits. But I also recognised that many would find the very detached and cerebral approach effective altruism requires somewhat challenging and would be more comfortable with an approach that allowed them greater scope to express, in their giving, their more direct experiences, attachments, and priorities. Read more…

Feb. 15, 2019 Powerful charity coalition responds to Senate’s damning report on fundraising regulations

The powerful coalition of peak bodies that has been calling on Governments to fix fundraising for years agrees with the Senate Select Committee’s Report into Charitable Fundraising in the 21st Century in its finding that the time to fix fundraising ‘was more than 20 years ago’. The coalition acknowledges the… Read more…

Feb. 12, 2019 The Liffman Provocations: Are we missing the main game? The challenge of effective altruism…

My entry into the philanthropic sector was, I expect, similar to that of many of our colleagues. Following some years working with ngos, an opportunity arose to work with a philanthropic organisation, and my experience as a grant-seeker was considered to equip me to be a grant-maker. Read more…

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