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Wyatt Trust named one of Australia’s top 10 charitable gifts (Adelaide Now)

October 14th, 2013

It started as 53,712 pounds more than 100 years ago, has resulted in more than $30 million in grants and landed a South Australian trust a spot on a list of the country's greatest charitable gifts of all time. Dr William Wyatt's generous bequest in 1886 bore The Wyatt Trust, which gives millions to South Australians in need each year. It began when the South Australian colonist requested in his will that his estate be used to help others. The Wyatt Trust has been named one of Australia's top 50 philanthropic gifts at an event in Melbourne. A working group including Pro Bono Australia and Philanthropy Australia compiled the top 50 philanthropic gifts list , which will be cut down to a top 10 after a public vote closes on October 28.

By Callie Watson  (Adelaide Now, 14/10/13)

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