Alex Dimos Board member

Alexandra (Alex) is the Executive Director and founder of the Nunn Dimos Foundation (established in 2017 – a PAF) and more recently the South Australian Women’s Fund (established in 2021).

Prior to this role, Alex was the Executive Director of the Advertiser Foundation, a foundation delivering targeted campaigns with the view of engaging staff and the SA community to give to causes that they care most about.

She is a committed volunteer for various charity organisations, actively involved with several different philanthropic causes and sits on several boards and advisory committees, primarily in the arts. In 2022, she was appointed to the Board of the Australia Council for the Arts.

Born and educated in Melbourne, Australia, Alex graduated from Geological Engineering (with Honours) in 1992. Her career started in the environmental sector, working with several consulting firms, specialising in hydrogeology. In 1999, she founded Flow Environmental Management, specialising in providing strategic environmental advice.

In 2021, she completed the Governor’s Leadership Foundation Program and the Australian Institute of Company Directors Course.