Australian Philanthropy Awards 2017

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The 2017 Leading Philanthropist Award

Ian Darling (Sydney, NSW)


The 2017 Indigenous Philanthropy Award

Social Ventures Australia for The Marnin Studio, Marninwarntikura Fitzroy Women’s Resource Centre 


The 2017 Environmental Philanthropy Award

The Ian Potter Foundation for the Reef Life Survey in Tasmania


The 2017 Gender-wise Philanthropy Award

The Caledonia Foundation for Good Pitch’s The Hunting Ground Australia Project


The 2017 Best Large Grant of the Year

The Myer Foundation for ClimateWorks Australia


The 2017 Best Small Grant of the Year

The Funding Network for Manjeri, Uganda 

Award Partners

Ninti One
Indigenous Philanthropy Award Partner
Best Large Grant Award Sponsor
Best Small Grant Award Sponsor


Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network
Environmental Philanthropy Award Partner


FIIG Securities
Gender-wise Philanthropy Award Sponsor



Australian Women Donors Network
Gender-wise Philanthropy Award Presenting Partner




Financial Standard
Media Partner


Think HQ
Communications Partner




Venue Host


Give. Stand. Respect.

The 2017 Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit brought funders, nonprofits and policy makers together for two days of inspiring keynotes, case studies and challenging conversations about philanthropy’s role in advocating for change.

Summit Highlights