The Eve Mahlab Gender-wise Philanthropy Award

The Eve Mahlab Gender-wise Philanthropy Award is for current achievements from funding initiatives that advance gender equity through direct investment in projects or organisations that support women and girls, or the integration of the gender lens. The funder can be investing in women and girls either locally or internationally.



Nominations will be assessed on the below criteria:  

  1. Demonstrates gender analysis of the issue being addressed
  2. Demonstrates how the investment targeted women and girls and led to better outcomes
  3. Demonstrates a genuine collaborative and evidence-based approach to the to the design, delivery, evaluation and reporting on the initiative
  4. Demonstrates leadership in gender-wise philanthropy and advancing gender equality (i.e your commitment is evident in your philanthropic strategy, funding practices and/or influence)
  5. Specify the one thing that makes this a knockout nomination.

This Award is for activity occurring in the last five years (2016-2020) – this may include design, funding, outcomes and/or impact.


The Australian Philanthropy Awards are open to all members of the Australian philanthropic and broader social change community. You are able to nominate your own organisation.

The Eve Mahlab Gender-wise Philanthropy Award is presented in partnership with Australians Investing in Women.

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