Guest Post: Communicating ideas and innovation through social media

The following guest post is by Stacey Thomas, Myer Family Company. One of the strengths of the philanthropic sector is its ability to be flexible and respond quickly to needs and trends within the community.  However when it comes to communication, the methods employed by the philanthropic sector have been, until quite recently, limited and unchanging. The sector relies on not-for-profit organisations and yet has historically offered a very one-sided and austere method of communication. … Read more…

Nov. 21, 2011

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Weekly Roundup

PRESSING MATTERS STORY OF THE WEEK A time to account for donated dollars (Daily Telegraph, 24/10/11) Australian charities are, they would argue by necessity, as large as the causes to which they are dedicated. They mobilise hundreds of staff and volunteers in quests for funding and appoint talented management identities to oversee matters. Put simply, charities are big business. » Click here to read the full article on the Daily Telegraph website » What is… Read more…

Oct. 28, 2011

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Philanthropy Blogs: Community Foundations and Council on Foundations Conference

Some interesting posts have come up on philanthropy-related blogs lately. Lucy Bernholz of Philanthropy 2173 has some comments to make about community foundations and their leadership role, in “Community Foundations… Are We There Yet?” and summarises the changes she observed in this week’s Council On Foundations annual conference from the point of view of someone who has attended a dozen of their conferences in the past - in ‘Mistakes were made’ she talks about the… Read more…

May. 03, 2007

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IT in the Nonprofit Sector

This year at Philanthropy Australia we’re making a concerted effort to step up to the plate of effective use of IT in the Australian nonprofit sector. As we say on our IT in the Nonprofit Sector resources page, we’re very conscious of the need for the Australian nonprofit sector to forge forward into making best use of the technology at hand to aid distribution to and communication with both the general public and the rest… Read more…

Jan. 31, 2007

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Recommended Reading

Here in the Philanthropy Australia office we’ve started putting our feelers out into the more informal online publishing done by nonprofits around the globe. The UK and the USA both have a number of philanthropy blogs - both professional and personal (and sometimes both!) - sharing opinions, information, and links to news and research that bloggers think their readers will be interested in. Looking around, as far as we can tell we’re the first philanthropy… Read more…

Jan. 25, 2007

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