Children's Law Awards calling for nominations

Nominations have opened for the 2010 Children’s Law Awards.  Organised by the National Children’s Youth and Law Centre and Mallesons Stephen Jaques, the Awards recognise the achievements and commitment of individuals and organisations who advance the legal rights and interests of children and young people in Australia.

The Awards also raise awareness of the legal issues affecting children and young people, for example:

  • Are Australian children adequately protected by the justice and welfare systems?
  • Why have the numbers of children found to be at risk of abuse or neglect, and children under care and protection orders, risen significantly?
  • How can children best participate in legal proceedings and processes affecting their rights?

Nominations are sought in the following Award categories and are open to both individuals and organisations:

• The National Award for Outstanding Legal Representation of the Rights and Interests of Children and Young People;

• The National Award for Outstanding Advocacy in Policy or Law Reform to Advance the Legal Rights and Interests of Children and Young People; and

• The Media Award for Raising Awareness of Important Children’s Legal Rights Issues.

Nominations close on Friday 19th February.  The Awards will be presented on Friday 16 April 2010, during National Youth Week.  For more information on the awards, or to download a nomination form, visit

Feb. 01, 2010

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