Dr Dorothy Scott Oration

We’re pleased to provide Emeritus Professor Dorothy Scott’s Oration speech transcript, presented to a public audience last night at the University of Melbourne. Dorothy’s breadth of knowledge on philanthropic intent is evident in her fascinating talk on In cash or in kind? For love or money? For now or forever?

A brief excerpt:

Most philanthropic giving in kind is not activism philanthropy but it also involves contributing knowledge and labour. From the expertise encompassed in not for profit boards of management to the efforts of the environmental volunteers who plant trees on a large scale, the contribution in kind is huge.

Philanthropic foundations themselves can also make a significant contribution in kind, as a recent study undertaken at the Myer Foundation by intern Lesley Harris, has illustrated. Based on surveying 10 foundations, Lesley identified the broad range of non-grantmaking contribution they made, from trustees using their influence to be advocates for grant recipient organisations, to serving on advisory councils and bringing together different organisations to pursue a common goal. Sometimes it goes much further than this. The work of the R.E. Ross Trust with Aboriginal communities along the Murray, drawing on Rebekah Lautman’s social work and community development skills, is an excellent example of the added value which a philanthropic trust can provide. In some areas of grantmaking, it is not a matter of in cash or in kind. Without the in kind support, the cash will not suffice. “Can we do deeds as well as donations?” could be a useful question to build into all grantmaking practice.

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Sep. 09, 2011

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