Heavily Discounted Software & Hardware for Nonprofits

DonorTec aims to assist a wide range of charities and Income Tax Exempt nonprofit organisations by providing donated current software and hardware for a small administration fee, in conjunction with our donor partners, Microsoft and Cisco. The Donortec Program is delivered in Australia by CommunIT, a CISA project, in partnership with TechSoup in the US. Both CISA and Compumentor/TechSoup are nonprofit organisations. 

Products such Microsoft Office 2007 Professional for $26, Vista operating system upgrade for $13, Digital Image Suite 2006 for $6.50 and many more (including server software) are now available through Donortec. Many organisations will also be eligible for Cisco hardware products, including wireless routers etc.

This is a great opportunity, especially for small and medium organisations, to upgrade their IT capacity for a limited cost and to free up savings for other priorities. Unfortunately religious, business and professional associations are excluded but there are many organisations in the cultural, health, training, youth, conservation, and community services sectors who will be able to take advantage of this service.

Mar. 07, 2007

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