How to be an impact investor

By: Chris Wootton   |   Philanthropy Australia

Recently, Philanthropy Australia has been working with members at a workshop in Perth (hosted by Lottery West) to grow impact investing. Here are three takeaways when considering impact investment.

Step 1 

Align your investment and granting strategies to produce a social or environmental good. 

Step 2

Focus on investments to not-for-profit organisations that involve either a loan or purchase of property and/or equipment - to produce an income stream which will also make charitable organisations more financially viable. 

Step 3

Start by talking about impact investing possibilities with charitable organisations that you already know via your granting programs. 

Impact investing takes time and requires a lot more effort and due diligence than giving a grant. But it has the potential to create a much greater impact. So, make a start!

Aug. 30, 2017

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