Just Change by Diana Leat

Just Change by Diana LeatDr. Diana Leat is Director of Creative Philanthropy Program at Carnegie UK Trust. Diana has extensive research experience in the philanthropic sector, citizenship and policy development, and has worked as a consultant for Demos, a British policy think tank. She has worked with WINGS-CF as consultant, editor and in evaluating the effectiveness of its peer matching program. She has also published extensively on philanthropy and the nonprofit sector.

Diana’s latest publication, Just Change: Strategies for Increasing Philanthropic Impact, aims to encourage discussion of how philanthropy can contribute to achieving longer term systemic change with impact beyond immediate grantees, and inspire practice. The report illustrates a number of case studies which highlight some recurring themes in how foundations work and what they need to look for, and fund, in grant recipient partners if they want to contribute to achievement of wider, longer term impact.

While in Australia earlier this year, Diana conducted a number of seminars around the country in conjunction with the release of Just Change. To listen to an audio recording of the seminar in Queensland, go to the QUT website.

Limited copies of Just Change are available to purchase through Philanthropy Australia for $15.00. (This is a minimal cost charged to cover shipping from the UK, where it is available free of charge. Email acf@acf.org.uk for more information.)

Members and Resource/Knowledge Centre Subscribers may borrow Just Change from Philanthropy Australia’s Library.

Apr. 10, 2008

 Tags: research & information, recommended reading

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