New edition of 'Australian Philanthropy' Journal - Climate Change

Climate Change: Environmental and Social Impacts and What Philanthropy Can Do to Help is the theme of our latest issue of Australian Philanthropy, issue 68 Autumn 2008.

Cover of Issue 68: Climate ChangeThe threat presented by climate change to the world as we know it has more dimensions than simply the environmental. This issue of Australian Philanthropy seeks to understand why, to date, the philanthropic sector has been reluctant to commit much funding to addressing climate change and how that tide may be turning. We showcase outstanding Australian projects which seek to identify and minimise the environmental and social impacts of climate change, and explore what the philanthropic sector is undertaking on a global scale to address the issue. Our feature interviewee is Mark Wootton from Poola Foundation who funded the establishment of The Climate Institute.

Apr. 11, 2008

 Tags: what's new, topical issues, research & information, recommended reading

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