Philanthropy: Some Reflections by Geoffrey White OAM

This address by Geoffrey White OAM provides extensive historical context for philanthropy as we now understand it, tracing the concept through ancient cultures, a statute of 1601, and relatively modern revisions of its meaning from 1891 and 1911. An exploration of modern philanthropy is then built on this historical framework. White outlines the current state of the world’s organised giving and then moves from the general to look at specifically Australia, drawing on his experiences with the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation.

The second half of the speech is given over to looking at insights and issues currently in the sector, such as the question of publicity, duplication and waste of managerial resources in the proliferation of similar non-profits, working with governments, honouring the founders and trust deeds of older foundations, risk-taking, and perpetuity.

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Nov. 24, 2010

 Tags: stories, recommended reading, philanthropywiki, general

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