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ShareGift Australia was established to provide Australian shareholders with the opportunity to sell their shares and donate the proceeds to charity, without having to pay brokerage fees.  Selling and donating through ShareGift Australia ensures that the proceeds from the sale of your shares benefit the Australian community.

ShareGift Australia Limited was established on 16 June 2004 as a not-for-profit organisation.  It has been granted DGR (deductible gift recipient) and TCC (Tax Concession Charity) status by the Australian Tax Office.

ShareGift Australia is part of an international alliance of organisations based on the successful UK charity ShareGift and has received considerable support from them in its establishment. The founder of ShareGift Claire Mackintosh, Viscountess Mackintosh of Halifax addressed the Philanthropy Australia International conference and explained how ShareGift had been established and grown to be an important and useful vehicle fro donors in the UK to dispose of small and unwanted parcels of shares. 

Lady Mackintosh has had 16 years’ experience in the City of London before establishing ShareGift in the UK. She specialized in UK Equities as an investment manager of pension funds, and then set up an East European private equity fund and worked in the Korean stock market for institutional fund management clients before founding the highly successful share donation charity, ShareGift, in 1996 and becoming its Chief executive.

Working with individual donors, charities and listed companies, ShareGift Australia provides a neutral, independent and transparent mechanism to convert investments in listed securities in to cash for the benefit of Australian Charitable groups. ShareGift Australia aims to facilitate the most cost, tax and community efficient option for selling and donating shares for the community benefit. 

Having recently launched a pilot with National Australia Bank, ShareGiftAustralia is looking to work with other listed companies and their shareholders to support the community.

For more information on ShareGift please call 1300 731 632 or at

Aug. 07, 2007

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