Webinar series reflections: How can philanthropy support economic recovery and participation?

By: Stacey Thomas   |   CEO, The Wyatt Trust, Philanthropy Australia board member   |   https://wyatt.org.au/

We asked presenter Stacey Thomas, CEO, The Wyatt Trust, Philanthropy Australia board member, to reflect on our webinar: How can philanthropy support economic recovery and participation? which examined the state of play and explored new approaches being taken to support economic recovery and participation across our country.

Complex challenges for post-pandemic recovery

With much of the country in lockdown or experiencing significant restrictions there was no better time to take stock of the analysis on post-pandemic jobs and economic recovery.

While there may be different opinions about what a post-covid era will look like, there was no denying that Dr Angela Jackson had some sobering statistics on who has been hit hardest. The impact of this pandemic has not been equal.

And what all presenters were able to articulate during the webinar was that while you can discuss economic participation and jobs, there are a variety of factors that influence your trajectory.

The differences in experience of economic participation over the past eighteen months has been influenced by gender, educational attainment and whether you have caring responsibilities to name just a few factors.

The ramifications of casual workforces going into lockdown has increased mental health challenges, gaps in educational progress and for those already disengaged from the workforce even greater barriers to re-entering. The issue is not just about jobs, it is incredibly complex.

Listening to the experience of Luke Terry and the ways in which job focussed enterprises can have significantly better employment outcomes for people than the current mainstream job placement system is a timely reminder of the role philanthropy can play.

There is no silver bullet in how philanthropy can impact system-wide reform when it comes to creating and maintaining employment for those impacted by COVID and beyond, but this webinar aimed to provide some thoughts and practical insight into where the conversation and action may want to continue.

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Aug. 12, 2021

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