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Profile: Ross Lewis (The Age, 26/10/11)

This philanthropist dreams of a society in which all are accepted as equals. Ross Lewis has been at the forefront of a revolution in the past 20 years to have disadvantaged people accepted into mainstream society, especially in the workforce. When he first started working in the sector, people with mental and physical disabilities were often institutionalised or parked in so-called “sheltered workshops”.

» Click here to read the full article on The Age website

» What is PRESSing Matters?


Consultation Paper on Definition of Charity

Treasury has released a Consultation Paper on the definition of charity. The paper seeks public views on possible approaches to implement the statutory definition of charity which was announced in the 2011-12 Budget. The Statutory Definition will guide the future of the sector and has potential to impact the majority of our Members either directly (if they are endorsed as charitable trusts or charitable institutions) or indirectly (via the purposes and organisations they fund).

The submission deadline is  9 December 2011. Philanthropy Australia will be submitting a response; we urge Members with comments or questions to contact Vanessa Meachen at v.meachen@philanthropy.org.au by Thursday 24 November 2011.

» Download the Consultation Paper from Treasury’s website

This page is accessible to Members only Read the full Philanthropy Australia Policy Alert (Members access only)

Philanthropy Australia on YouTube

Philanthropy Australia now has a YouTube channel! We don’t yet have any original uploads (they’re coming),  but our Favourites list contains a number of videos which might be of interest to the philanthropic community, usefully divided into categories including Legislation & Law, Philanthropy Profiles, Philanthropy News & Opinion and Philanthropy at Work. We’ll be adding more to the channel as we come across content.

» http://www.youtube.com/PhilanthropyAus


Coming up:

  • Grantseeker Workshop (8 November, Brisbane; More info)
  • Philanthropy Professional Development Workshop: Working with the Board (8 November, Melbourne; Full Members only; More info)
  • The Maimonides Society Spring 2011 Gathering: Churchill Fellowships - Opportunity for the philanthropic sector? (14 November, Melbourne)
  • Advocacy Workshop - Change the World Through Philanthropy (15 November, Sydney / 17 Novembe, Melbourne; More info)
  • 2011 Research Australia Awards (16 November, Melbourne)
  • Philanthropy in the 21st Century (17 November, USA)
  • The Annual European Forum on Fundraising (18-20 November, UK)

New & updated this week:

  • Imagineering - Humanitarian Engineering Conference 2011 (30 November - 3 December, Melbourne)
  • TED2012: Full Spectrum (27 February - 2 March 2012, USA)
  • TED Active 2012: Full Spectrum (27 February - 2 March 2012, USA)
  • 2012 GEO National Conference: Smarter Grantmaking. Stronger Noprofits. Better Results. (12-14 March 2012, USA)
  • 11th Annual Global Philanthropy Forum Conference (16-18 April, USA)
  • TED Global 2012: Radical Openness (25-29 June 2012, Scotland)
  • 2012 Fall Conference for Community Foundations (10-12 September 2012, USA)

» Further details on these events are available on the Events Calendar.

If you have any events relevant to Australian grantmakers coming up, please let us know by submitting it on our website here.


If you’d like to submit a job listing for the philanthropic sector or senior fundraising positions, please see our submissions page here.

Nov. 04, 2011

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