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There is a growing momentum in philanthropy. The experience and knowledge of traditional philanthropists, combined with new philanthropists and social entrepreneurs is creating exciting opportunities for innovation, growth and impact. To harness, sustain and enhance this momentum, a collective response is required.

Investment in the leadership and capacity of the philanthropic sector will have a multiplier effect on philanthropic giving and enhance the value of every philanthropic dollar spent – more and better philanthropy.

Philanthropy Champions are not only Champions ‘of’ Philanthropy but also Champions ‘for’ Philanthropy.

They are not only engaged and effective in their philanthropic giving but equally committed to growing the size and impact of philanthropy in Australia.

They also understand that one of the most highly leveraged and impactful philanthropic investments they can make is to support philanthropy as a cause in its own right.

Read Philanthropy Australia President Alan Schwartz's opinion piece 'Why We Need Philanthropy Champions' at Probono Australia > 


Philanthropy Australia has embraced the priorities of its members, peers and partners. We will serve the philanthropic community and build its capacity through:

  • Leadership and advocacy – to provide a strong, independent and informed voice for the sector to government, the media and other important stakeholders;
  • Data and insight – to promote openness and information sharing to foster collaboration and inform the work and direction of the philanthropic sector; and
  • Connecting and convening – to facilitate and support effective working groups, networks and partnerships within philanthropy, community, government and business.

To fund these activities, Philanthropy Australia will rely on ‘Philanthropy Champions’. The collective contribution from Philanthropy Champions will be a vital resource. It will not be used to cover the Member services activities of Philanthropy Australia, but will be focused on supporting our role as the leader and advocate for advancing philanthropy in Australia. 


We ask Philanthropy Champions to make an initial three-year commitment with a minimum contribution of $25,000 per annum (as a grant, donation or payment). A donor recognition program will be in place to acknowledge Philanthropy Champions for the critical contribution they will make to more and better philanthropy.


We welcome the opportunity of discussing this initiative with you. 


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