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At Philanthropy Australia, the safety and wellbeing of our team and community is our highest priority. With the continued spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), Philanthropy Australia is taking considered action to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our team, members and visitors, and is committed to following COVID-safe practices and social distancing requirements.  We continue to monitor the conditions and will update our response accordingly.

Where our offices are open to staff, we cannot accept visitors until further notice, and can meet in open-air or COVID-safe spaces. Please notify our team if you have been in close contact with any hot-spots, returned travellers or positive cases, and re-arrange your visit. We have transitioned the majority of our events to an online delivery model so participants can continue to connect from the safety of their homes and offices. Physical events will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and will be convened in line with COVID-safe requirements in the jurisdiction where the event is held. If any of Philanthropy Australia’s business activities are impacted due to the pandemic, we will communicate these changes with as much notice as possible. Philanthropy Australia's Cancellation Policy can be located here. For the latest information on the Australian Government’s response to COVID-19 please visit the Australian Government Department of Health website

Tue 16 Nov

  Australian Philanthropy Awards 2021
Nominations now open for the Australian Philanthropy Awards 2021!

Tue 14 Sep

  2021 WEBINAR SERIES:One year on from the Pledge – what does better look like (part 2)
In part two of this two-part webinar, continue the conversation and examine the role of philanthropy during this time of uncertainty – what are some of the challenges we still face, how do we give voice to community and who has the power?

Thu 09 Sep

  2021 WEBINAR SERIES: Australian Philanthropy’s Pledge – one year on… (Part 1)
Eighteen months on, this webinar will explore how practice has shifted as a result of the pandemic and reflect on the lessons learned and opportunities that we can take forward to support greater outcomes and impact.

Wed 01 Sep

  2021 WEBINAR SERIES: Voice and choice for self-determination
Decolonisation is an emotive issue and the process of unravelling past wrongs is complex and often gets stuck in the political debate.

Tue 10 Aug

  2021 WEBINAR SERIES: How can philanthropy support economic recovery and participation?
As we move towards a post-pandemic world and the economic props fall away, the true impact on employment and our economy will emerge.

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