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Tue 06 Sep

  Philanthropy Australia National Conference 2022
Tue 6th Sep to Thu 8th Sep 2022 (3 days)
Join us at the Philanthropy Australia National Conference ‘For the Love of Humanity: People, Place and Planet’ on 6-8 September, as we come together to become more connected, better informed and truly inspired for the next stage of philanthropy’s embrace of humanity. Early bird tickets available now.
International Convention Centre, Sydney

Mon 01 Aug

  COVID-19 and beyond – NFP recovery collaboration project research launch
Join a group of funders who collaborated to commission research exploring the response of organisations in the social and arts sectors to the challenges of the pandemic, as they discuss the research, its findings, and what they mean for future grantmaking.

Thu 16 Jun

  PWIT Workshop 2: Practical full-cost funding for NFPs and Funders
We know that organisations being funded for the full cost of creating impact is important. But how can funders or NFPs know what the full cost actually is? What does good full-cost funding look like in practice, and how can we make it happen? This workshop, for both funders and NFPs, will explore what capabilities organisations need to be effective and how to pay for it.

Tue 07 Jun

  Webinar Series: Putting disability at the centre of philanthropy’s inclusion conversation
Philanthropy has the opportunity to help remove existing barriers and to innovate with people with disability to ensure that Australia becomes more equitable and inclusive. But there are pockets of philanthropy that are already working to improve outcomes for people living with disabilities. In this webinar we will examine the data to understand what can be done and hear about some of the programs that are already underway.

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