Expressions of Interest: Board Members

Friday, 8 Dec 2023

Expression Australia is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from people who are suitable and willing

to be considered for appointment to our Board of Directors.

A little about Us

Expression Australia’s vision is to give all people who are Deaf and hard of hearing every opportunity

to connect with and contribute to society. To have the freedom to develop in all aspects of life, in

their language of choice and for our support to extend to their families. Expression Australia strives

to achieve this vision through transformational services, by optimising new technologies, addressing

inequality and driving social change.

Our purpose is to create opportunities for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing by delivering

targeted services and affecting social change. We enable Deaf communities to flourish and are

inclusive of all members of those communities irrespective of age or background.

Our strategic priorities

We have a strong strategic plan for the 2021-2024 with our core strategic priorities being:

  1. Advance our services: by delivering high quality services and support to people who are Deaf and hard of hearing, we create positive experiences and outcomes;
  2. Grow and develop our Deaf community: by actively supporting the growth of people who

are Deaf and hard of hearing, we can create education and employment opportunities

  • Broaden our impact: by expanding our services and geographical footprint, we can reac more members of the Deaf and hard of hearing community;
  •  Deeper connection: by building trust, we will further strengthen our relationship with people with are Deaf and hard of hearing.

About our Board

The Expression Australia board is comprised of a number of directors with varying experience from

for profit and not for profit sectors. The Board provides governance and strategic leadership to the

organisation and invites and encourages a diverse and inclusive perspective from each board

member. The board is responsible for:

  1. Appointing and providing guidance and support to the CEO;
  2. Providing input, guidance and participation in the development and execution of the

Strategic Plan;

  • Providing alignment and accountability to the organisation in achieving the strategic

objectives and priorities;

  • Being brand ambassadors for the organisation promoting the work and impact the organisation has for the Deaf and hard of hearing community.

Organisational and Board Structure

Expression Australia is a company limited by guarantee and is registered as the Victorian Deaf

Society Ltd. The organisation also encompasses the Tasmanian Deaf Society Ltd and the Royal

Tasmanian Deaf and Blind Association.

The CEO of the organisation is Rebecca Adam, the Chair of the Board is Demetrio Zema. The other

current members of the board are Praveen Reddy, Cassandra Hatton, Kathryn Forrest and Lynnere

Gray (Treasurer).

Expression Australia has 130+ employees operating a variety of services across Victoria,

Tasmania and Western Australia.

Role of a Board Member

In the position as Director of Expression Australia, you will be expected to:

  • Participate in 7 board meetings per year and be an active contributor;
  • Participate in an annual strategy offsite;
  • Adhere to and execute your duties as a Director under the Corporations Act, the Expression
  • Australia Constitution and the Board Terms of Reference;
  • Become a member of a sub-committee (FAR, NR, IC) and attend relevant meetings.
  • In this position you have the opportunity to:
  • Be an integral part of the evolution, development and expansion of Expression Australia as a
  • community business and organisation;
  • Guide, support and nurture the CEO and wider organisation striving to create positive
  • impact and relationships with the Deaf and hard of hearing community;
  • Assist the organisation in addressing any strategic challenges;
  • Be an active contributor in assisting people who are Deaf and hard of Hearing to connect
  • with and contribute to society in all aspects of their lives.

Term and Remuneration

Directors of Expression Australia are appointed for a three (3) year term at the Annual General

Meeting following their appointment. There is a maximum term of three (3) re-appointments, being

a cap of nine (9) years. Director positions are voluntary and there is no remuneration for your time

invested in fulfilling the role of Director. Directors can be located anywhere in Australia. Reasonable

travel expenses will be covered if required.

Skills Matrix Needs

We are looking for up to three (3) new board members that can actively contribute and be part of

our growth and to align themselves with our Strategic Plan. We are looking for new board

members who cover at least 3 of the following areas:

  • Deaf and hard of hearing community insight/knowledge (inc being a member of the
  • community);
  • Executive leadership
  • Marketing and sales
  • Fundraising/philanthropy
  • Disability and service delivery experience
  • Human resources, people and culture
  • Risk, governance and compliance
  • Aged care;
  • Strategic planning and KPI’s
  • Finance and accounting
  • Investment and funds management
  • Technology and IT systems

Applicants are invited from across Australia and not restricted to Victoria where our head office is


Next Steps

All EOI’s received will be treated confidentially by the Expression Australia CEO and Board. Please

submit your EOI by providing an email and copy of your CV to [email protected].

The Expression Australia Board Member EOI process will close on Friday 8 December 2023 and a

decision will be communicated shortly after. It is expected appointed Board Members would be

nominated at the December Board meeting with attendance required at the first Board Meeting in

2024 (TBC).