Direct giving

Give (donate) how much you can and when you can to charities and causes you care about.

Some of the most common ways people make donations to Australian and overseas charities are through direct giving.

Direct giving makes it possible for you to donate directly to a cause you care about. You can donate:

  • a one-off amount
  • for a short period – for example, less than a year
  • a relatively small amount each year – for example, less than $10,000.

If you plan to give more over a longer period, you may want to consider structured giving.

Types of direct giving

The most common types of direct giving include:

  • donating to individuals – for example, crowd funding
  • ad hoc (one-off) donations to registered charities
  • regular giving – for example, via direct debit, workplace giving programs or collective giving
  • leaving a bequest in your will.

Not all charities are given Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status by the Australian Tax Office. To learn more, see Is my donation tax deductible?