Foundation Maps: Australia

Get on the Map – with Foundation Maps: Australia!

Philanthropy Australia invites all funders to supply their grant data for Foundation Maps: Australia (FMA). FMA graphically maps grants – so anyone can see who funds what and where in Australia for the first time!

Why share your data?

It is good for the sector
Effective philanthropy requires access to good quality, timely data about who is doing what and where. By sharing your data, you're ensuring that the field has the best information to act on for collaboration, cofounding and grant strategy development.

Its easy
Updater makes it easy to update your profile and share your grants data. Some software providers like SmartyGrants & Gifts make it easier with a pre-formatted export report function that pulls all the data you need into one excel file.

Take control of your story
People understand foundations by the grants they make. And no one knows your grantmaking better than you. Don't leave things to interpretation - share your data to make sure your story is told in the right way.


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FMA Resources

How to get on the Map in six easy steps

Template Excel File & Instructions


Taxonomy - Classie 3.0

Taxonomy – PCS – 2019 Changes

Taxonomy – PCS 2019



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What is Foundation Maps: Australia – An Overview

How to get on the map!

How can I find who has funded a particular organisation?

How can I find who funds in a particular area of interest?

How can I find funders in a particular target group?

How can I find funders who support a specialised area of social good?

How can I find which other NFPs operate in an interest area/target group?


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