Foundation Maps: Australia

What is Foundation Maps: Australia?

Philanthropy Australia has partnered with Candid to help make our members' grantmaking activities smarter and more strategic by boosting the availability of rich grants data - for and about funders in Australia. This data is delivered to you through a wonderful tool called Foundation Maps: Australia (FMA) - a highly interactive and searchable mapping platform.

With just a few clicks, FMA will show you who is funding what and where - across Australia.

But, it's all about participation. Only when our community of funders commits to sharing grants data electronically will this platform reach its full potential.

By uploading your grants data, this map will become a powerful source of accurate, up-to-date answers to questions like:

  • Who else is funding a particular issue in our region?
  • What organisations are tackling that issue?
  • Where are there gaps in funding?
  • How much money is collectively serving specific issues or areas in our region?

Accessing the FMA 

The FMA is available to Philanthropy Australia members through the Better Giving Hub.

If you are not a PA Member, have a look at our Member Benefits and join the community of changemakers.


Why share your data?

It is good for the sector
Effective philanthropy requires access to good quality, timely data about who is doing what and where. By sharing your data, you're ensuring that the field has the best information to act on for collaboration, cofounding and grant strategy development.

It's easy
It's easy to update your profile and share your grants data. Some software providers like Grant Toolbox and SmartyGrants & Gifts make it easier with a pre-formatted export report function that pulls all the data you need into one excel file.

Take control of your story
People understand foundations by the grants they make. And no one knows your grantmaking better than you. Don't leave things to interpretation - share your data to make sure your story is told in the right way.

You can share this brochure to help spread the word about Foundation Maps: Australia.


How to Share Your Data

Data uploads are now closed for 2021, and data will be uploaded in a new way from next year. We will release more information shortly on how to upload your grant data in 2022. 


Need help with your data? 

Rebecca Iliffe is an Associate Consultant with Philanthropy Australia, assisting with the Foundation Maps: Australia project. Experienced in project management, including project administration and reporting, Rebecca can assist grantmakers, foundations and trusts by collecting, researching, transcribing and entering details into the Foundation Maps: Australia portal. 

Services can be delivered on-site on remotely. More information can be found here.



How can I find who has funded a particular organisation?

How can I find who funds in a particular area of interest?

How can I find funders in a particular target group?

How can I find funders who support a specialised area of social good?

How can I find which other NFPs operate in an interest area/target group?


How will Philanthropy Australia use my data?

Philanthropy Australia, Candid and Our Community may research and produce aggregate granting data reports from information supplied from providers.

If you have any questions or concerns about Foundation Maps and/or Foundation Maps Dashboard, please email or speak to your State Manager.


Foundation Maps Dashboard

The FMA Dashboard is a joint initiative of Philanthropy Australia and US-based Candid and has been developed to help paint a high-level picture of philanthropic giving in Australia.

The Dashboard draws on grant data that has been voluntarily uploaded to FMA by members to provide an indispensable public-facing graphic snapshot of funding activity in an easy-to-read interactive format. This ‘sneak peek’ into the data within the FMA showcases funding priorities among donor, an indispensable tool for granters and grantees from all sectors.

The Dashboard, generously supported by the Fouress Foundation, makes participation in FMA and data-sharing easy. The data’s power is that it will, over time, become a resource that can make giving more strategic and help provide an overview of the nation’s institutional philanthropy.

For many years, it has been difficult to build an accurate representation of giving in Australia. FMA and the Dashboard are helping to build a deeper understanding of philanthropic giving and will help the sector collate, analyse and compare giving and trends across a range of philanthropic activities.

View the Dashboard here.


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