Giving trends and opportunities

A current snapshot of structured giving in Australia – including how Australians give, how much we give and how we compare to other similar countries.

Structured giving across Australia is set to continue its steady growth. This growth is building on a trend that aligns with our goal to double structured giving by 2030.

Our report Giving Trends and Opportunities 2022 sheds light on how Australians give. This includes how much we give and how we compare to other similar countries.

The dollar value of donations has increased, but the distribution of those who give has decreased. This means more money, but less people donating. Wealth is growing faster. With this comes:

  • growth in structured giving
  • increased corporate giving
  • huge intergenerational wealth transfer potential.

This is unsurprising, given levels fell at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, to ensure the long-term sustainability of our charity sector, it’s essential to boost generosity and connection to community, and encourage higher levels of giving in Australia.

Our Blueprint to Grow Structured Giving provides a pathway to harness the $2.6 trillion in intergenerational wealth that will be passed from baby boomers to their children in the next 2 decades. The Blueprint does this by:

  • analysing and sharing key data insights
  • identifying initiatives to address:
    • government policy and regulation
    • public attitudes to giving
    • sector leadership.

If we act now, we can supercharge giving in Australia.

This page was first published on 11 October, 2022