English Family Foundation named Runner-Up in global Catalyst 2030 Awards

Fri, 15 Dec 2023 Estimated reading times: 2 minutes

The English Family Foundation has been honoured for its work in supporting social entrepreneurs at a global event, the Catalyst 2030 Awards for Systemic Change 2023. The Foundation was awarded Runner Up in the category of Overall Best Donor last month at the gala event in London, hosted by Princess Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, the 9th Earl Spencer, at his private residence, Spencer House.

Claire English, daughter of the English Family Foundation founder, Allan, represented the organisation at the event to receive the trophy in person. The purpose of the awards is to accelerate collaborative systems change by celebrating individuals and organisations that make it possible. The Overall Best Donor category celebrates individuals and organisations that have deployed capital to support projects or initiatives to achieve change beyond the immediate impact.

The Foundation works with social entrepreneurs driving high-impact initiatives in Australia and South-East Asia region, focusing on supporting the underlying ecosystem to enable social entrepreneurs to thrive. The Foundation has delivered more than $12 million in grants since its inception , and between 2010-19 they put in place the funding to reach 1 million people through microfinance..

The Foundation seeks out strong leaders in the belief that a thriving social enterprise sector will be an important market-based driver of a new economy that is more inclusive and sustainable. Their “engaged philanthropy” strategy recognises their core belief in the role of philanthropy to go beyond grantmaking to use their skills, time and networks for the benefit of their partners.

There are four sub-categories that inform the final award leveraging the Catalyst 2030 Funder Diagnostic Survey: Leader in Learning, Leader in Trust, Leader in Partnership and for the first time, Overall Best Donor. These categories were informed by the Catalyst 2030 Embracing Complexity Report, and this award is the first of its kind to highlight the funding of systems change entrepreneurs.

Allan English, Chair of the English Family Foundation, was thrilled that it had been recognised with such an important international award. “We are delighted for an Australian foundation to be sharing the stage with leading-edge thinking around systems-focused impact,” said Allan.

“This is a huge honour for us, and a testimony to the depth of the partnerships we have with those who collectively share our mission to support transformational change in our world through the growth and development of social entrepreneurs and social businesses.”

Charles Spencer, the 9th Earl Spencer, hosted the awards at his private residence.

The winner of the Overall Best Donor Award was the Segal Family Foundation. Philanthropy Australia is delighted that Andy Bryant, Executive Director of the Foundation, will be coming to speak at its national conference in August in Adelaide next year.

The global awards ceremony, emceed by renowned journalist Emily Kasriel and author, entrepreneur and Chief Growth Officer at Clearco, Ruma Bose.

The stunning trophies were created by members of the local handmade ecosystem community in India. Handcrafted and developed in the craft of copper enamelling, the Sourmandal draws inspiration from our solar system, with the sun at the epicentre keeping all the planets and their moons in perfect harmony, symbolising that to place the community at the centre requires building a whole ecosystem to surround and sustain it.