Giving agenda shaped by new ‘Better Philanthropy Telescope’ report

Aisling Quigley Mon, 30 Jan 2023 Estimated reading times: 3 minutes minutes

The latest Philanthropy Australia report reveals the big ideas, world issues, and most pressing challenges and opportunities that the philanthropic sector is facing.

This coming year promises to be pivotal for philanthropy as we drive forward the double giving agenda and as philanthropy responds and adapts to changing realities. Philanthropy Australia, with the help of its members and sector colleagues, highlights some of the trends helping to shape the giving agenda in this new report.

The 2022 survey was run as a pilot and we anticipate the Telescope becoming an annual and more in-depth initiative.

The ideas that matter:

  • Addressing power imbalances
  • Building capacity
  • Deepening collaboration
  • Including beneficiaries’ voices
  • Investing for social impact
  • Measuring impact
  • Paying what it takes
  • Engaging government in philanthropy
  • Shifting funding strategies
  • Vocalising philanthropy’s place

The big world issues:

  • Affordable housing
  • Climate change
  • Economic downturn
  • First Nations matters
  • Systems change

At Philanthropy Australia we will use the Telescope’s findings to shape our content and programs as we support our members in our collective endeavour to inspire more and better philanthropy.

To find out more, download our Better Philanthropy Telescope report: