How a new global giving network opens fresh opportunities for Australian donors

Anita Toy, Founding Chief Representative, Give2Asia Australia Fri, 15 Sep 2023

Give2Asia and the King Baudouin Foundation have launched a network that is a ‘catalyst for change’. Called Myriad, it connects global donors to global causes and makes cross-border philanthropy easier, safer and more effective, says Anita Toy, the founding Chief Representative of Give2Asia Australia.

Like many in the sector, I was excited to read through the latest Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Charities Report on the state of the sector. While it highlighted the generosity of Australians and the resiliency of our charities, I was reminded of the undeniable prevalence of domestic giving. Perhaps the largest roadblock preventing Australians from supporting causes abroad might be misguided and misinterpreted as international giving is too hard. Where does one start?

Australia has benefitted from globalisation and the effects of international philanthropy that have transcended the constraints of borders. A great example is the overwhelming global response to our 2020 Black Summer brushfires, as international support and resources poured in to aid the nation during a time of climate crisis. Organisations such as Give2Asia Australia and Partners for Equity have emerged to provide regionally specific tools and insights into the world of cross-border philanthropy; illuminating the pathways for Australians eager to lend a helping hand.

And then there is Myriad – the alliance for borderless giving. It’s not just a network; it’s a catalyst for change – connecting global donors to global causes. 

Myriad, co-founded by Give2Asia and the King Baudouin Foundation, ushers in a new era of philanthropy. It’s the ultimate destination for anyone seeking to make a profound impact on international programs in collaboration with local communities. Picture a hub where giving is streamlined and you have access to international giving experts who can navigate international regulations and make your global philanthropic aspirations a reality. 

Myriad makes international philanthropy easy. It offers Australian donors the efficient channeling of philanthropic funds to charitable partners across the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, North America, Europe, Africa, and Latin America through a single entry point: Give2Asia Australia. The renowned due diligence, expertise and risk mitigation processes that Give2Asia has been known for in the Asia-Pacific region are now extended globally. But it doesn’t stop there. Myriad extends its hand to corporations and foundations, offering country-specific research and assistance for employee engagement initiatives. Moreover, it provides comprehensive portfolio management for worldwide engagement programs.

But what does all this mean for Australian donors? Why should we be excited about crossing borders with our generosity? For starters, cross-border giving allows us to embrace global trends and extend our support to communities far removed from our local neighbourhood. It’s not just about giving; it’s about giving more effectively. By navigating cross-border tax incentives and leveraging intermediaries, we can magnify the impact of our contributions and be confident that our funds are being channeled efficiently toward addressing pressing global challenges.

Myriad opens new doors for us and the possibilities are endless. It offers flexibility and the power to tailor donations to align with personal passions. You decide the cause. You decide the community. You decide the charity. Myriad will make giving easier so you can make a difference, anywhere in the world.

Think about this: our contributions could help provide swift disaster relief to storm-stricken communities in the Asia Pacific or combat extreme poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. We can play a pivotal role in shining a light on the Syrian refugee crisis, a global humanitarian challenge of unparalleled magnitude. Through Myriad’s network, we can directly support local leaders and grassroots organisations offering immediate critical relief.

As I reflect on the evolving journey of cross-border giving and its boundless potential for change, I am filled with hope and a sense of purpose. I extend an earnest invitation to Australians to embrace cross-border giving – recognising the limitless opportunities that await us beyond our borders. 

Under the Myriad Alliance and in partnership with the King Baudouin Foundation, Give2Asia is extending the Moroccan earthquake response campaign to Australia. They have partnered with local organisations: International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation and the Moroccan Red Crescent Society , who are directly working on the ground with impacted communities and seeking urgent support.