Short educational videos to help advisers and those interested in philanthropy this EOFY

Philanthropy Australia Fri, 7 Jun 2024 Estimated reading times: 3 minutes

As we approach the end of the financial year, Philanthropy Australia shares a series of short, animated videos for anyone wishing to learn more about beginning their philanthropic journey. The resources include one for financial advisers on the benefits of talking to clients about philanthropy and one explaining how different giving structures, such as PAFs and PuAFs, work.

To learn more about structured giving please contact Philanthropy Australia.

Each of the most common structured giving vehicles in Australia explained

This short video steps through the basics of philanthropic giving structures including:

  • Private Ancillary Funds
  • Public Ancillary Funds and sub-funds
  • Private foundations or charitable trusts.

Why should you talk to your clients about philanthropy?

This 3-minute video highlights the most important reasons why professional advisers should talk to their clients about giving:

  • The largest intergenerational wealth transfer in Australia’s history is occurring now
  • Retain clients across the generations with one powerful conversation topic – philanthropy
  • The ‘5 T’s’ of philanthropy
  • Common philanthropic giving structures.

The adviser’s role – setting up and managing philanthropic structures and corpus/fund investments

This video outlines what a professional adviser needs to know if their client wants to set up a giving structure.

In this video you will learn the top three things you need to know before you have that conversation with your client, as well as the roles that other professionals can play in establishing and operating the structure.