Supporting the people of Ukraine

Fri, 25 Feb 2022

Philanthropy Australia has compiled a list of some of the many and varied organisations, funds and appeals that members and supporters may consider supporting in relation to Ukraine.

Official Ukraine Media Channels 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and other departments have mobilised across social media to communicate and distribute verified information and news footage inside and outside Ukraine.  

The most regularly updated Government-run channels are:  – run by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs – run by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky  

Formal Request for Donations from Ukraine  offers links to various verified information sources, including ways you can help and #StandWithUkraine, and can also direct you to the Ukrainian Government’s preferred donation recipients such as the Armed Forces and National Bank of Ukraine.  

Major Humanitarian Responders 

UNICEF is on the ground and ready to help in Ukraine now that war has been declared and the situation is escalating. Their Ukraine field teams have been operating for 25 years and are in regular contact with the Australian arm of the organisation to keep them abreast of any new developments so it can act swiftly to protect and care for Ukrainian children and their families.  

One of UNICEF Ukraine’s representatives Murat Sahin gave a particularly poignant insight into the ongoing conflict and its immense impact on children.  

Sahin told the Sydney Morning Herald/WA Today: “It’s a challenging life because we’re eight years into the conflict that was a bit forgotten by the world, but they are living with it every day. One hundred schools have been shelled in the last three years. They are living that.”  

You may want to read his full account here: Russia-Ukraine invasion: Children caught on frontline of conflict (

If you wish to support the children and families of Ukraine, please share this appeal link: Donate to help Children in Ukraine | UNICEF Emergency Appeal  

As with all UNICEF emergency appeals, 90 cents in the dollar will go directly to their efforts on the ground.   

The following major aid providers are some of those providing non-lethal emergency assistance such as shelter, health services and personnel, water, and sanitation both within Ukraine and to its neighbours.  

This list has been put together as an information resource and does not indicate endorsement of a listed organisation. Philanthropy Australia encourages all individuals and organisations to undertake their own research into an organisation before committing to making a donation. You can quickly and simply check a charity’s credentials on the ACNC Charity Register and learn more about safe giving on the ACNC website.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and we encourage you to share your recommendations with us – [email protected] - to help grow this important list. 

Photo by Yehor Milohrodskyi.