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The Susan McKinnon Foundation and Monash University renew commitment to enhanced political leadership

Fri, 17 May 2024

The Susan McKinnon Foundation and Monash University this week announced the renewal of their philanthropic partnership with an investment of more than $25 million over five years from the Foundation to sustain and advance the McKinnon Institute for Political Leadership.

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Responsive philanthropy: How Sydney Women’s Fund launched a quickfire domestic violence campaign

Dee Rudebeck, Advisor, News and Storytelling Fri, 10 May 2024

The Sydney Women’s Fund (SWF) has launched a campaign that took just over a week to create in response to the series of horrific violent incidents against women dominating news cycles that the government has called a national crisis. The Fund’s ongoing work with frontline services operating in the domestic and sexual violence space was instrumental in building the quickfire campaign more commonly associated with large not-for-profits dealing in disaster response.

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New gender-wise resource launched to support philanthropic collaborations

Philanthropy Australia Fri, 26 Apr 2024

Australians Investing In Women (AIIW) and the University of Melbourne's Melbourne Social Equity Institute (MSEI) have launched a comprehensive resource to increase the impact of philanthropic and social investments.

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Rob McLean and The Nature Conservancy: ‘We wanted to be involved in an organisation that’s kicking goals’

Nick Place Fri, 12 Apr 2024

Philanthropist Rob McLean AM is excited as he talks about kelp. He’s explaining the potential for 'blue carbon' and exploration of mangroves, sea grasses and regrown kelp forests potentially becoming options for carbon storage. It's an initiative by The Nature Conservancy, a global organisation that Rob helped bring to Australia. He talks about his long and continuing involvement with the organisation and why he's proud of its achievements.

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The case for doubling giving: ‘Now is the time to lay the groundwork’

Doug Taylor Fri, 1 Mar 2024

We can increase giving to not-for-profits by double or more in the coming years by fostering trust, implementing strategic policies and engaging generations young and old, says Doug Taylor, CEO of children’s education charity The Smith Family. But it is a two-way street and NFPs will need to work hard to ensure impact also grows to meet donor expectations.

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How do we shift evaluation from a ‘reporting’ to a learning lens? 

Brenda Solorzano, CEO Headwaters Foundation Fri, 23 Feb 2024

Brenda Solorzano is a leading changemaker in trust-based philanthropy. Brenda had an insightful and candid conversation with our Philanthropy Evaluation Network to share her ideas on how evaluation can be reframed to achieve learning and change through a trust-based approach.

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Mother Earth loan – an agribusiness finance model that cares for Country

Paul Girrawah House, Co-founder of the Waluwin Foundation Fri, 9 Feb 2024

The Mother Earth loan is designed to support the purchase of freehold title farmlands by First Nations farmers to revive traditional practices. It’s based on similar modelling to HECS, where repayments are due when Mother Earth is ‘healthy and able to share’ and payments are paused or significantly reduced when ‘Mother is struggling and needs time to heal’. Paul Girrawah House, one of the founders of the Waluwin Foundation, explains how it can work, its benefits and the role philanthropy can play.

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