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Impact Manager

May 13th, 2022

Position Description: 

Documentary Australia is a not-for-profit organisation enabling social impact documentaries to be funded and screened to inspire social change. We place documentary stories at the heart of social impact campaigns, surrounding films with a coalition of partners to engage broad audiences in social change initiatives.

Impact Manager is responsible to:
- Impact & Education Director
- Evaluation & Impact Director

Employment Status: 4-5 day/week

Primary objective(s):
The Impact Manager is responsible for supporting and implementing the Impact and Evaluation Program, in collaboration with the Impact Director and the Evaluation Director. This includes developing, implementing and evaluating impact strategies across films, in line with our organisational and program goals. This role also provides wider organisational support through training and management of junior impact producers, external comms and events around Documentary Australia’s impact program and providing support for supporting the Impact Director, Evaluation Director and CEO. This role would suit someone with a campaigning, policy or advocacy background, with a wide general knowledge and skillset. Fundraising experience is preferred. Previous experience in film or documentary is not required.

(1) Impact and Evaluation Programs

Documentary Australia runs impact programs, which work with specific films to create powerful impact. The Impact Manager is responsible for the implementation and management of these programs, supported by the Impact Director, Evaluation Director and the CEO.

The Impact Manager would support the Impact Director and Evaluation Director to deliver impact programs, including:

• Implementation and tracking of programs
• Identifying potential participants and partners
• Developing external content and communications about programs, including cases for support, program summaries etc.
• Delivering events in support of programs
• Reporting, updates and acquittals of programs
• Training impact producers

(2) Filmmaker support

Filmmakers are a key stakeholder for Documentary Australia. We provide unique support for the documentary industry through capacity building and support for filmmakers across impact, fundraising, partnerships and evaluation. The Impact Manager is the key organisational contact for filmmakers, providing support and advice on a range of topics.

The Impact Manager would support Documentary Australia filmmakers across:

• General enquiries
• Building capacity through educational resources on Workplace and workshops
• Reviewing fiscal sponsorship applications and having a good working knowledge of Documentary Australia films
• Support filmmakers to develop and implement impact, partnership and evaluation across their projects
• Develop and deliver events with engage filmmakers

(3) Partnerships

Partnerships are key to the success of Documentary Australia and our films. The Impact Manager will be the bridge between the filmmakers and our partners, working with the Evaluation Director and Partnerships Director to manage relationships, identify opportunities and create new connections across government, corporate and NGO groups.

The Impact Manager would provide partnership support through:

• Identifying new potential philanthropic and impact partners for films, programs, and Documentary Australia
• Maintaining relationships with existing partners, including updates on relevant projects, programs and opportunities to collaborate with Documentary Australia
• Developing communications materials to engage existing and new partners, with a lens on bringing in philanthropic support.
• Developing and delivering events to showcase the work of Documentary Australia to existing and new partners
• Delivering one-off programs with partners, to support mutual goals

(4) Organisational support

Documentary Australia is a small organisation, with a committed team. The Impact Manager will provide organisational support which brings the impact work to our wider community and supports the rest of the team.

The Impact Manager would provide organisational support through:

• Content and copy development for external communications, in support of fundraising, events, partnerships and programs.
• Basic design for invitations, EDMs, social media etc.
• Event management, including developing content, curating speakers, logistics and promotion for events across the organisation, programs and films.

How to apply

To apply, please send CV and cover letter to:

Applications close 31 May 2022. 


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