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Amplify to tackle underfunding and support LGBTIQ+ organisations

June 10th, 2022

A new fund that helps address recent research identifying Australian LGBTIQ+ communities as significantly underfunded has been launched with the intention of providing more sustainable grants and developing capacity within organisations working in those communities.

The Amplify Pride Fund, created by LGBTIQ+ community-led funding organisations Aurora and GiveOUT, was launched at the Aurora Ball in Sydney last weekend. It has initial funding pool of $180,000 made up of an initial contribution of $100,000 from marriage equality funder Tom Snow, of the Snow Foundation, and a further $80,00 from generous LGBTIQ+ donors.

Sam Turner, Chair of Aurora said: “The Amplify Pride Fund will enable Aurora, GiveOUT and other contributors to provide larger, more sustainable grants to some of Australia’s most effective LGBTIQ+ organisations.

“LGBTIQ+ communities are chronically underfunded. The Where are the Rainbow Resources?  research report published this year by Aurora and GiveOUT, found that LGBTIQ+ community organisations receive just five cents out of every $100 of income received by Australian charities.

“Furthermore, many of those organisations struggle to continue to provide services because 39 per cent of LGBTIQ+ organisations participating in the research operate on a budget of less than $10,000 annually,” she said.

Sam said research published this year showed that many in the LGBTIQ+ community continued to experience poorer mental health outcomes, and legal and social discrimination was still alive and well.

The Amplify Pride Fund will draw upon the community connections and funding expertise that exists across Aurora and GiveOUT, as well as the corporate, legal, financial, and international philanthropy background of the two organisations’ leadership.

Georgia Mathews, from GiveOUT, said: “The creation of this fund unites two of Australia’s most respected LGBTIQ+ funding and grant making organisations, and with a focus on transparency, accountability, and impact, we are confident these larger, more sustainable grants will start to transform the sector.

“GiveOUT focuses on growing the pot of gold under the rainbow, by not just funding LGBTIQ+ organisations, but building their capacity to resource themselves. This will be core to the work of the Amplify Pride Fund,” she said.

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