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How startups can improve the world 1% at a time

September 17th, 2015

The Pledge 1% philanthropy program, created by Salesforce and supported by the likes of Atlassian, is well on the way of meeting the goal it set late last year of signing up 500 companies by December.

The program sees participating companies volunteer to divert 1% equity, 1% employee time or 1% of product to charitable causes. Companies can pledge all three if they wish. With about three months until its self-imposed deadline, more than 350 startups and companies have taken the pledge, and promised to donate at least 1% equity, time, or product.

Atlassian's co-founder Scott Farquar says taking the pledge early on in Atlassian's life is one of the best decisions he's ever made. Salesforce Foundation VP of philanthropy and engagement Ebony Frelix says there's no reason early-stage startups can't take part, and given the scalability of the model, make a real impact.

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