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Inspiring a brave new arts world

October 09th, 2014

The upcoming ArtsHub Conference will bring together a thinktank of industry leaders to generate bold visions and innovative ways forward in the sector.

The evolving arts scene in Australia presents constant challenges to practitioners in all fields, from visual to performing to design. And increasingly bold new visions are being called for as artists seek to produce innovative work to reach ever more diverse and broadening audiences.

Arts industry leaders from all fields will converge at the Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre on 31 October in the ArtsHub Conference 2014, a thinkfest on current and future trends in the industry.

The aim is to inform, inspire and innovate a sustained dialogue between industry leaders, arts organisations, individual artists and audiences on the key issues driving the growth and emerging artistic practice in the sector, and identify new opportunities for practitioners.

By Miranda Tay (ArtsHub, 09.10.2014)

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