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Millennials Pushing for Social Change

October 21st, 2014

Millennials, who are often maligned as a the “me generation” and a selfish group of citizens that are impatient and filled with a sense of entitlement, actually have the power to change the face of the Not for Profit sector, a visiting US impact investment expert has said.

Alexandra Peterson Cart is a co-founder and director of strategic development firm, Madeira Global.  Based in New York, Madeira Global is an investment advisory company that specializes in impact investing.

Cart will be speaking at Philanthropy Australia’s New Generation of Giving 2014 Keynote events in Sydney and Melbourne.

She told Pro Bono Australia News that members of generation Y, those born after the 1980s, could force the social sector to change.

“Millenials have definitely been called a lot of things including the me generation, there was a big article in Time magazine by Joel Stein that called millennials the me generation, very selfish, arrogant and demanding impatient and all these types of adjectives,” Cart said.

“Whereas I think that you can put a positive spin on that where yes, millennials are impatient and they’re demanding better than the status quo so they are challenging industries to take larger and larger strides to look at processes and determine if they are as efficient as possible and looking at goals that might be a little bit out of reach but really looking to get there using all the resources they have access to behind that goal.”

By Xavier Smerdon (Pro Bono Australia, 21.10.2014)

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