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Report shows shortage of rainbow resources

March 03rd, 2022

Only five cents of every $100 received by Australian charities goes to LGBTIQ+ organisations, according to a ground-breaking national report that aims to help build awareness and understanding about the LGBQTI+ community sector’s funding needs.

The report, produced by LGBTIQ+ community-led funders Aurora and GiveOUT, reveals that last year, almost 40 per cent of LGBTIQ+ community organisations operated on less than $10,000 income. The data is a powerful tool to help the sector advocate for increased philanthropic support.

Almost three quarters of organisations providing services to clients had an increase in demand last year but a third of those organisations said they stopped delivering a service or program because of lack of a funding.

Seven out of every 10 LGBTIQ+ community sector survey respondents said they received no support from philanthropic foundations.

The need to support the organisations was underlined in the report’s detailed picture of the community five years after the marriage equality debate: LGBTIQ+ communities are still experiencing isolation, discrimination and poorer health and economic outcomes than that experienced in the non-LGBTIQ+ community.

Yet, as the report entitled Where are the Rainbow Resources? Understanding the funding needs of the LGBTIQ+ community sector in Australia, points out, the LGBTIQ+ community has a strong history of achieving progress across a range of fronts.

Writing in the report’s foreword, Aurora Chair Sam Turner and GiveOUT Chair David Anthony stated: “[The sector] has forged new values and practices that not only benefit LGBTIQ+ community members but also wider Australian society in countless positive ways.’’

The report identifies five steps funders can take to improve outcomes for LGBTIQ+ communities including increasing funding support for LGBTIQ+ community organisations, being a good ally and learning how LGBTIQ+ issues and experiences intersect with their other funding focus areas.

Sam and David’s foreword urges funders to read the report to gain a deeper understanding of LGBTIQ+ communities, the sector landscape and what to do next to fund effectively.

“[We] know there is so much more potential waiting to be unleashed by a well-resourced LGBTIQ+ community sector. The opportunities are as many as the needs are great, but a significant lack of funding for LGBTIQ+ causes persist,’’ Sam and David wrote.

The report’s data is based on a literature review, interviews with ten LGBTIQ+ community leaders, and a national survey of 108 LGBTIQ+ organisations. It’s also informed by analysis from the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission’s Charity Register.

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