Philanthropic Consulting Service

Philanthropy Australia's Consultancy Service is suitable for all philanthropists including: individual philanthropists; trusts/foundations; family foundations; PAFs; PuAFs; sub-funds, community foundations; corporate foundations; corporate giving; and local, state and federal government community grant. Our list of clients can be seen below.

Philanthropic services

1. New to philanthropy and don’t know where to start? 
Whether you are an individual, a family, a corporation or a government agency - we can support you through the process and help you work out which philanthropic structural options may be appropriate for you – based on your financial position, context, interests, values and desired social impact.

2. Do you want to review your granting strategy and refresh your processes and documentation?
We can assist you to review your current giving/granting strategy so that you are more effective and aligned to emerging philanthropic practice – and we can also refresh all of your processes and documentation.

3. Not sure who to fund and how to decide?
Based on your criteria – we can research eligible charities which best match your requirements.

4. Are you seeking philanthropic funds – but not sure where to go?*
If you have a concept, proposal or application seeking philanthropic support, we can review and provide strategic advice on which philanthropic organisations may be appropriate to approach.

* This service is only for charitable not-for-profit organisations seeking funds from philanthropic entities and does NOT include Capital Campaigns, Impact Investing proposals  nor fundraising activities/campaigns seeking funds from the general public.



The initial scoping meeting/conversation is free!

All Members* of Philanthropy Australia now receive a 15% discount.


Further information

If you want to find out more about our consultancy services - or if you're interested in joining the Philanthropy Australia Consultant Team - please contact us at


Associate Consultants

Philanthropy Australia has partnered with a number of philanthropic experts as Associate Consultants. If you are seeking specific expertise/support you may contact an Associate Consultant directly, however the 15% Member discount only applies when going via Philanthropy Australia.

In addition to Philanthropy Australia Staff, please meet our Associate Consultants here.

Our Clients

Philanthropy Australia has already worked successfully with a number of organisations via our professional Consultancy Service, namely:

Other clients:
Klein Family Foundation

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