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Philanthropy Australia conducts professional development, learning and networking events for funders, advisors and grant-seekers.

The events are presented by industry experts and Philanthropy Australia staff and cover a range of topics. Most events are complemented by our publications available free to download.

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Which category am I?

Funders and grant-makers: Donors, grant-makers and their staff, philanthropists and potential donors.

Advisors: Those advising grant-makers, philanthropists and not-for-profits; trustee companies, wealth managers, legal and accounting firms and consultants.

Grant- seekers: Those seeking funding from philanthropic sources; charities, associations and not-for-profits.

Who should attend?
What is the event?

Grant-makers, donors, potential donors, grant-making advisors

Philanthropy 101

In this workshop you will gain: a social and historical overview of philanthropy; highlights of what is unique about Australian grant-making; insights into giving structures, statistics and trends; and be given key resources.

Philanthropy 101 workshops are also a great opportunity for those new to the sector to understand where they fit in, to envisage their own organisation in the context of the wider sector, and to meet fellow philanthropists and grant makers.

This workshop is ideal as part of any trustee induction process.

Board Members, CEOs, development and fundraising staff for NFPs

Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs)

CEO Louise Walsh (presenter) invites you to attend an innovative workshop to find out more about PAFs and how to access the fastest growing segment of the philanthropic sector.

This workshop will be a ‘deep dive’ into the world of PAFs and how to leverage the opportunities available. You will also have the opportunity to meet three PAFs in each city ‘in conversation’ with Philanthropy Australia CEO Louise Walsh.

Grant-makers, donors, New Gen, potential donors, grant-making advisors, government

Impact Investing 101

Back by popular demand - join some of Australia’s experts in impact investing to learn how you can develop a successful strategy that really makes a difference. 

There is growing interest in impact investing (or social finance) as an emerging investment approach as well as a way to amplify existing grant-making and philanthropic practices. Whether you’re new to the sector, want a refresher or seeking to network with like-minded peers, this session will help.

Grant-makers, grant-making advisors, trustees, CEOs

Governance for
Foundations and PAFs

This workshop covers the governance of all charitable foundations, including Public and Private Ancillary Funds, Will Trusts and Testamentary Trusts.

Topics covered include the structure of charitable trusts, governance and the role trustees play; what trustees must do and what trustees should consider doing; and governance failure.

This workshop is an ideal introduction for new trustees of charitable trusts and foundations in Australia, including the structure of charitable trusts, governance and the role trustees play.

Auditors, accountants, professional advisors and staff of Private and Public Ancillary Funds

Governance for Auditors

A seminar series covering the obligations and requirements of Private and Public Ancillary Funds for auditors, accountants, advisors and staff of PAFs and PuAFs.

Philanthropy Australia has designed a tailored seminar in response to increased demand from auditors with reference to Private and Public Ancillary Fund audit requirements.

This seminar is an ideal induction for those new to Ancillary Funds or a pre-June 30 refresher for those already familiar with the subject.

Grant-makers, grant-making advisors, trustees, New Gen

Governance for
Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs) 

Tailored to donors, directors and trustees of PAFs, this workshop explains the rules of governance, including guidelines, relevant legislation, responsibilities of trustees, and transition arrangements.

The workshop is a great opportunity to engage in conversations around, and ask questions about, the intricacies of governing philanthropic foundations, and PAFs in particular.

Funders: Donors, grant-makers and their staff, New Gen, philanthropists and potential donors

New Gen Keynote

High profile speaker series: hear directly from international and Australian philanthropic leaders about trends in giving and their individual experiences.

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Funders: Donors, grant-makers and their staff, philanthropists and potential donors

Philanthropy Australia Conference

Conference themes vary depending on the topical issues of the time, with the end focus always on encouraging, enhancing and growing philanthropy in Australia.

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Funders: Donors, grant-makers and their staff, philanthropists and potential donors

Community Foundation Forum

The Forum is the perfect event for people seeking to learn about the Community Foundation movement and what it can achieve for their community.

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  • For cancellations less than 72 hours before seminar, no refund is available but substitute delegates are welcome.
  • For cancellations more than 72 hours before seminar, seminar fee will be refunded less an administration charge of $50.
  • Seminar places are not transferable to another date.

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