The financialisation of housing in Australia and the role of philanthropy

Thu, 6 Jun 2024 11:30am - 12:30pm AEST

Housing in Australia is increasingly unaffordable, both renting and buying. The financialisation of the housing market is often to blame – we are now using housing to generate wealth rather than merely to provide people with shelter.

Demand for housing is increasing as people buy multiple houses to build their personal wealth. These ‘mom and pop’ investors are competing with first home buyers – pushing up housing prices. Many investors are using equity to purchase more housing making Australians highly mortgaged. How does Australia break the cycle of speculative housing demand, and will there be adverse effects if this is ever realised? 

Hear from housing experts on what factors led to the current housing crisis in Australia. Understand the various levers that enable the financialisation of the housing market and ways that could change this system including taxation reform, increase investment in affordable housing and changes to rental laws. Importantly, understand what the role of philanthropy is and how can we affect change so that everyone has access to quality housing.

Audience: Philanthropy Australia funder members at New Gen, Active, Engaged, or Impact level.