Climate Change Lens Masterclass (Funder Only)

Tue, 6 Jun 2023 01:00pm - 04:00pm

Climate change is a topic on everyone’s minds. But as a funder, how do you start to apply a climate lens to your philanthropy, investments and operations?

We’ve partnered with the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network to develop a Climate Lens tool for Australian funders seeking to better understand — and armed with this insight mitigate against — the cross-cutting impacts of climate change.

Climate change is impacting all causes that Australian philanthropists care about and already fund. The Climate Lens is a tool for understanding and acting on these impacts, and can be used by every funder, regardless of your structure, size or approach.

Join us for an online Masterclass where we explore the Climate Change Lens tool, unpack how it can be useful for you, and reflect on the experiences of funders who are grappling with applying climate lens to their work.

This session is designed for funders who are either just starting out or are already beginning to apply a climate lens to their work. All funders are very welcome!

This event is open to all funders, including those who are not Philanthropy Australia or AEGN members.